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August 2015

Happy Friday 7th August 2015

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07/08/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean K, Mark S, Well, well, well! It just goes to show that some people read the Happy Friday and some “sort of" read it. I have had a plethora of individuals congratulating me on losing 4 stone which I deeply appreciate! But, if you re-read the first two sentences of last [...]

Happy Friday 31st July 2015

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31/07/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, SKST and MSD, Well its now day 23 of the “Miracle Morning” (Hal Elrod) I have lost 4 stone, read 12 books, re-drafted all my goals and discovered a new chakra!! But in reality I must confess its going really well! I'm now Past the 21 day hump which a lot of [...]

Happy Friday 24th July 2015

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24/07/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Thomson and Dalton, I think its day 16 of the “Miracle Morning” and I promised you feedback. It’s going well.... What’s going well? 1. Placing it before I open e-mails is charging me really well BEFORE I effectively start the business day. 2. The journal /scribing is superb to capture my thoughts [...]

Happy Friday 17th July 2015

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17/07/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean ( I am not going up Kilimanjaro next year) Thomson,and Mark (I am going up Kilimanjaro next year) Dalton, Well it’s the end of week 3 / quarter 3 What does that mean? It means that you are more than half way through 2015. You are ploughing through your goals spread [...]

Happy Friday 10th July 2015

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10/07/15 Ladies, gentlemen, M.S.D &S.K.S.T A lovely week in France, in the Charente valley, near Cognac. Lots of reading, lots of writing, lots of trying to play the Mandolin (be useful if I could tune it), lots of sleeping, lots of swimming, lots of cheese. Lots of time with great friends and lots of sunshine. [...]

Happy Friday 3rd July 2015

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03/07/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Seanipops, Markipops, I had a lovely sojourn to Hampton Court Flower Show with Mrs. Hopkins on Wednesday, set off early by train and caught the ferry from the station to the entrance via Turks Ferries just for a laugh. It still didn’t stop it being the hottest day of the year but [...]

Happy Friday 26th June 2015

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26/06/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean “the dragon slayer”, Mark “the sooth sayer”, It has been a MEGA week. I have been working on a rather big deal with my partners Gill, Ming & Chang in C & M Wealth Group and I have been given the task of taking the lead on this one. So what [...]

Happy Friday 19th June 2015

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19/06/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, SKST (back in the UK at last) and MSD (off chilling out in Lisbon with ???????) This week started with a nice day off after a power packed Tigrent creative finance course (CFC) which was as fun as ever but somewhat exhausting. They sometimes are. Not sure why. I quite like the [...]

Happy Friday 12th June 2015

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12/06/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean Thomo & Mark (foam party) Dalton, Well after the whirlwind trips last week to Rome with my beautiful wife Chrissy (For our wedding anniversary) and then to Palma with MAPs (for the Annual Summer Wealth Conference) It's been back to a normal week in the office with a combination of face [...]