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January 2017

Happy Friday! – 20th January 2017

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Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean (of course...missing in SA), Mark (regiment fitness) Dalton,There are two attachments… One will amuse you ladies but I can assure you I never need any convincing…The other was in response to the question the other day "yes, but what do I put in my miracle morning journal?"I have taken a copy of [...]

October 2015

Happy Friday 25th September 2015

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25/09/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean (don’t mention Japan) Thomson, Mark (we’re going to Dubrovnik) Dalton, Pie eating has always been an art! Did you know that in the times of Henry VIII the actual pie crust itself was made of hard pastry which people didn’t eat - they just used it as a container to hold [...]

Happy Friday 18th September 2015

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11/09/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Fellow Tigrent Awards For Excellence Winner Mark Dalton and International Speaker Sean Thomson, I have I must say had a superb week!!I was running the Core Finance course for Gill Fielding (Fielding Financial) Saturday /Sunday which I run solo without Mr. Dalton but had two great crew members Zoe and Hazel who [...]

September 2015

Happy Friday 10th September 2015

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Sailing ship - Explanation Ladies, Gentlemen, SKST and MSD, I was out on my date night at Brady’s Restaurant last night and spied a little sailing ship which started me on the metaphor trail (as it would). I can’t recall the book where this was covered but the message is loud and clear…. Life is [...]

Happy Friday 3rd September 2015

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03/09/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean T and Mark D, Well it’s been a short week but it’s about to get longer as this weekend it’s the 100th Creative Finance Course this year, (only joking by the way) but it seems like it! So what’s the news? I am on day 58 of the Miracle Morning challenge [...]

Happy Friday 28th August 2015

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, Ladies and Gentlemen,M and S, I hope you like the mug above which I acquired on Monday. I often discuss sleep with people and despite the day 51 of the Miracle Morning I still get my 7 hours sleep a night. Some people I know need 8.But I think that's about it.Thats all we [...]

Happy Friday 21st August 2015

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21/08/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Seanipops and Marky Mark, Once upon a time there was a set of monkeys: One with eyes covered, one with ears covered, and one with mouth covered. The old wives tale or parable talks about “speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil” if you Google this you will see lots [...]

August 2015

Happy Friday 14th August 2015

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14/08/15 Ladies, Gentlemen, Mark (off sunning himself in Majorca) and Sean (off sunning himself in South Africa), I have come across many people who are trying out this Miracle Morning concept and I am thrilled that I may have contributed to that. I am on day 36 !! One of the questions I have been [...]