A coach and a friend

Lindsay’s coaching philosophy is all about the personal touch. For that reason he will become your mate as much as your coach and will listen to all of your ideas and concerns before helping you to come up with goals and realistic solutions to your problems.

For that reason, the first two sessions would ideally be on a face-to-face basis for a two hours session where you can get to know each other, go through what is involved in the process and establish a firm understanding of what you would like to achieve.

Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself

- Robert Collier

After these first two sessions, the two of you will agree to meet on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your needs. This can be by telephone to make it more convenient for you, or face-to-face if you prefer.

Each client is given a Personal Assessment and Goal Setting Manual which gives you a chance to map out your life on paper and, with Lindsay’s help, work out exactly what you need to achieve your goals and succeed while keeping an effective work/life balance.

Using this manual you will:

  • Identify exactly who you are and what your goals are
  • Provide your own mission statement and vision for what to achieve
  • Map out what you want to accomplish
  • Rank your goals in order of preference
  • Work with Lindsay to regularly assess your own progress and review your achievements.
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