Ladies, gentlemen Mark and Sean,

I seem to have had quite a few what we call “kick off T60 sessions” this week which is always exciting – meeting ( and getting to know properly) lots of superb people.
Plus a rather large amount of champagne has been received this week as well (“hic”!) For those of you who don’t know when we run a Legacy T60 programme the deal is that when a property deal is done the coaches get a bottle of bubbly.

My score over the last couple of days has been 9 bottles!!!

What is significant about that is that in the main this represents approximately £9000.00 positive cash flow per month after costs for a series of individuals.
That’s £108,000.00 per annum. Or another way to look at it is adding £1m on to the earnings of these lovely people over the next ten years.
I think it pays to look at some hard facts some times and reflect on whether one is adding value to people’s lives.
By the way I am not crowing and showing off; Far from it.
My role is simply to look into someone’s fish bowl from the outside and come up with some ideas and suggestions and then guidance as to which route, or strategy to follow.
The hard work is all theirs I can assure you.

I guess what I am fascinated by is that from time to time I do come across some cynics who don’t believe property works.
The answer is that If they believe property investment doesn’t work. It won’t!!!!

For all you coaches or aspiring coaches.
Keep helping and keep believing because you can genuinely help guide people to change their lives.

Talking of which Legacy Creative Finance Course No.3 (2017) here I come.

Have a great weekend.
I certainly will in my little positive bubble in Richmond.
Following the mantra Mark and I always start with. “How can we help these people?”