Ladies, Gentlemen, Seannipops, Markymark,

You know what I am going to say… It’s the end of Quarter One!
25% of your 2017 “Year of Success” completed.
91 Days out of 365 of an EPIC Year.
So – It’s now time to take 60 minutes to REVIEW, REFLECT, RE-SET & PLAN.

Time can be such an ally & yet time can also be our enemy.
When all this “stuff” called “life” & “living” get in the way & we have to deal with other people’s agendas as well as our own.
Jeff Olson says in “The Slight Edge”
It’s so easy to do the positive baby steps each day – But equally it’s so easy to not do them.
The implications of the doing or not doing in the short term are inconsequential (or so it seems) But watch yourself change & grow if you get into the habit of doing the “inconsequential” positive baby steps every day!

Right then,
You have QUARTER 2 Before you…
13 weeks
91 Days
5 Mins per day = 455 minutes / 7.5 Hours

What ONE THING can you focus on?

Let me know