Ladies, Gentlemen, Mark and Sean,

Our brains are wonderful aren’t they. Have a look at the attachment.
Left Brain Right Brain

Sperry and Ornstein (1981) identified the left and right brain concept. You can see the distinctive functions of both sides. They also believe that if you don’t use it you lose it! By that I mean studies have shown that if people don’t use both sides of their brain regularly, that skills and functions will deteriorate.

I have placed the appropriate personality styles underneath the left and right neo-cortex. So the Owl and Lion tend to favour the logical and analytical side of life whereas the Dolphin and Monkey favour the creative, social and caring side. However, we can and should use both sides. I certainly try to.

Do you know what? I have been known to play the guitar while looking at business plans! Great cross over from left to right brain!

I think it happens automatically with the miracle morning:

Journaling (right)
Goal mapping (left)
Visualising (right)
Meditation (right)
Planning day (left)

Have a great weekend.