Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean and Mark,

I had the superb experience of going off to the Belfast Property Network meeting yesterday. Run by Chris & Mary Selwood, who I have helped train and subsequently coach over the years!
55 people. Superb venue. Friendly, warm reception and a great network.

I love adventures…

So grabbing a Gatwick flight at 12.20 and heading over to the emerald isle was a joyful experience.
A bit of a bumpy flight, which created a challenge for my book writing but a low population flight made for comfort.

I enjoy TTP…

Grabbed a cab into Belfast across the hills from the international airport, getting a full and comprehensive brief from the cab driver on Belfast was superb.
So by the time I arrived at the Albany, Lisburn Road, I knew all about up-turn in the market, room rents, house prices and Belfast mind set. Hey… TTP… “Talk To People!”

I love friendship…

Into the Albany! Meeting Keith and Mark Rourke (MAPs), who I have taught and coached for some 10 years and of course climbed Kilimanjaro with (twice).
A calm, positive 1:1 and lunch. I must confess I had expected a boozy lunch, but the mood didn’t lend itself to that so we created a rather action packed, action list. Which is very exciting for business for 2017!


Chris & Mary (C&M) Selwood collected me and what a joy to see two lovely people who have grown, crafted their life, built businesses, overcome fears and made a difference.
Sometimes I forget why I travel the country and do property network talks. Now I remember…
To keep in touch with good people, enjoy good people and help good people.

A great early evening snack with (C&M) and then into the property meeting. Speech notes mapped out on a serviette (yes, really!!) and 1 hour 20 mins later… Back in the bar.
Well received and good questions from 55 positive people.


I love Irish people. I love meeting new people. I love seeing old friends. I love seeing different towns and cities and seeing what people are doing with their property strategies.