Ladies, Gentlemen, Seanipops, Markeroonio and GABBY,

Its one week tomorrow that my lovely daughter Gabby is getting married to James Toseland (Cornish)!

I am busy as you know so this has leapt up at me very quickly.
Off to do a two days Fielding Financial – Core Finance Course this weekend and then the “wedding week” will be upon us!!

Many a “wedding board meeting” has been held on a Sunday night in the County Arms (the pub round the corner from me) and many a heated word has passed between us but I have been re-assured that this is par for the course and goes with the territory.

The Event is to be held at Fulham Palace in Putney a sort of miniaturised Hampton Court so it should be superb fun.

Everything is sorted barring persuading my some Daniel to have a haircut. “Aw Dad…that’s not fair”! He has a beautiful poem to read out at the service written by his Granddad (on Chrissie’s side) and he will be BRILLIANT I know.

He is a performer, not sure where he gets that from?

I mention all of this because I am very excited! Although of course as a Dad, walking down the Aisle with your daughter is one of the big moments in life.

To hand her over to a superb guy is even bigger, and I think James (Jimmy) is an absolute star.

To join up with the Toseland family in Falmouth is an honor, the outlaws are great.

Helping your children to establish values, guide them through education but most of all happiness has to be one of the big “whys” which drive our goals.

Gabby will indeed be happy I know that.

I was chatting with one of the brokers in Trafalgar Square about his impending event (his first child) due on the same date as the wedding the 4th April 2015.
We agreed that as soon as that little human being emerges suddenly a new why emerges on the agenda.

Good luck Nick and Leah. You won’t know what’s hit you!!!!

Now look. Weddings are not cheap by any means and it is very much a joint family’s effort which is great.

But as and when I have been called upon to write out cheques (metaphorically speaking it’s all e-banking these days) I have always thought, as one little voice in my head is saying “bloody hell” the other voice has calmly said “no Lindsay this is one of your big WHY’s…..chill out and smile” .

I must confess in the main to have listened to the second voice not the first.

Not sure there will be a happy Friday next Friday but if there isn’t catch you post Easter.

What are some of your big why’s?
Are they coming to fruition?