Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean and Mark,

May I simply say Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy week, varied and exciting.

Went to the AIMs (Aspiring Investors Midlands) group session on Tuesday.
A combination group run by David and Rachel, Tracy and Lucy (Solihull, Coventry and Leicester Property Networks) and I must say the gathering was impressive.
Impressive both in the content of the day (well I was in it of course!!!) but also the people there. Motivated, committed and determined, to say the least.
I shared my views on Goal Setting just for a change but there are always different nuances to share and expand upon.

The key message I see from everyone is the most basic of process which is:

• Plan
• Do
• Review
• Revise

The revise bit is to make a new plan or continue on the same plan if it’s going well with some additional actions if needed.
It is such a simple process which everyone misses.
What would be the analogy setting off on a journey down a road and only checking the satnav or map after 2 hours?
You can go a long way right in 2 hours or you can go a long way wrong?

My new quest this year (so watch out) is to encourage more and more and more people who I work with to review regularly:

• What’s gone well?
• What’s gone less well?
• What one thing can be changed next week (or month) to improve progress?


What’s gone well?
1. Two good board meetings this week. Positive and constructive.
2. Good workshop in Coventry.
3. Great progress on book proofing.

What’s gone less well?
1. Swimming disrupted by travel.
2. Too many early morning starts “at the coalface.”
3. Greyhound Road project slow.

What one thing can be changed next week (or month) to improve progress?
1. Stop booking coaching calls before 9.00 am.

Have a go but most of all – Have a great weekend!