Ladies, Gentlemen, Thomson of the Zulus & Dalton of the North,

I cannot pretend that it has not been a harsh week for me – On Tuesday a great friend of mine lost his battle with Cancer & passed away!
Mark Littlejohn was ex-husband to my wife’s best friend Mandy (Ex-Mayor of Warwick), Father to James & Georgia (Chrissy’s God-daughter & great friends of Gabby & Dan) & an instant hit with all he met.
We have lived in the same street, Sunday lunched, partied, Christmased & holidayed together for over 30 years.

When a few years ago my then No.1 pal Jim Hawkins passed away I found solace in writing a poem which I then put to music.
By the lift, left hand side, 5th floor
The narrative does not apply to Mark but the chorus definitely does.

Writing has always been a helpful tool to me in difficult situations as it helps me to focus & to vent my feelings whether they are happy, sad, angry, it doesn’t matter, once written they are meaningful but also purged enabling me to move on.
I will try writing something for Mark this weekend to say goodbye & honour his memory.

It is still however a HAPPY FRIDAY because now Mark & Jim are together & God help the bars in heaven – the wit & laughter will be heard on earth!

These things happen! – (Stephen Covey warns of this) & these sad times will eventually pass & we will find joy & take strength from them & move on with our own journey, but we will always remember!

You might want to try writing stuff down when you are sad, angry or even happy – it’s a very cathartic exercise – especially when you have things swimming around in your brain – it really helps you clear it out!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend & spoil your mothers rotten on Sunday!!

🙂 x