Ladies, Gentlemen, Sean & Baldy,

It’s been left to me to write this week’s Happy Friday as Lindsay is getting fired up for a huge Creative Finance Weekend with his partner in crime Mr Mark Dalton.
(I don’t think there will be much air guitaring this morning though due to celebrating his son’s birthday last night.)

He has left you the attached mind map of this week’s activity which is as always a mixed bag of business, coaching, family & well-being (Yes YOGA!!!)
This Weeks Mind Map
Variety is the spice of life & That’s just how he likes it!

Lindsay has got to be one of the most indefatigable people I have ever met; Despite me booking him out from dawn to dusk every day he always finds time for everyone – no matter how trivial their problem & except for very rare occasions is always laughing and enjoying a joke with whoever wants to play.

It’s a very motivating atmosphere to be involved in and I look forward to coming to work EVERY day! Although (just between you and me)it’s quite nice when he’s not here too!
I’m not gonna big him up any more than that or he’ll be unbearable. I’m MOST grateful however for him NOT sharing the photos of him in Lycra!!


Have a great weekend – whatever you are up to – enjoy the sunshine!!

Jeannie Woollen on behalf of Lindsay Hopkins