Ladies, Gentlemen, Mark Daltanius and Sean Thomo’

I am aware I have written on hugging in the past but I don’t believe it has been for some years.
So I thought I would lighten the message to-day and remind you of the benefits of hugging.
Plus of course I attach a certificate to prove that I am in fact a member of the Institute of Hug Therapy (I recommend joining it).

I think the key element of hugging is to allow people into your personal space as a physical act of trust and welcome.
So please have a read of the page attached.

Hug Therapy

There is a health warning here…
Some people are actually non-huggers. They can be extremely offended if you simply rush up and hug them without permission.
So you should select your hug partner with care and caution.
Or you can simply verbally invite someone for a hug the script is relatively simple .”do you fancy a hug”…or “give me a hug”.

As yet there is no National Hug day but I am in talks with the Institute of Hug Therapy to bring this in towards the summer, so watch this space.
The main aim of the day would be to quite simply hug as many people as you can in one single day.
A log would be maintained of the hug count and then the results would be collated by the Institute to calculate the number of hugs issued on a national basis.
Think of the energy created.

Have a great weekend, I certainly plan to.
First ever Yoga lesson (just need to buy my lycra outfit!!!)