Vincent Pretorius

Vincent Pretorius
Vincent PretoriusChef & Property Developer
Vince came to Lindsay at the same time as his partner, not only for guidance to improve their property portfolio but also for help in his own personal development.

Vince says that his confidence and communication has now improved massively and puts it all down to sticking to the plans in his goal journal provided by Lindsay. His life now has direction with a very real destination. Direction and destination. Vince now has his goals and works to achieve them.

If you cannot learn from Lindsay you cannot learn from anybody

- Vincent Pretorius
Having a coach in football or hockey serves the same purpose as having one in the financial and life arenas: to improve and learn quicker than I could on my own. Lindsay could help me apply what I had learned.
Fill out his coaching manual and create a clear picture of where and who I am now and then create a clear attainable picture of where I would like to be in say five to ten years time.

The fun begins now when you start mapping out the steps for goals you would need to achieve on the way (baby steps) such as phoning private landlords ten times a week, 520 times a year etc.

Everything is more organised, more specific and more defined. Communication with clients and associates has drastically improved. Direction and destination for each of these areas has been achieved through the use of the goal journals.
Lindsay personalised the coaching to my needs. He asked a series of simple questions through verbal and written sessions thus allowing me to freely express myself and help paint a precise and honest picture of where I am and where I would like to be.
Lindsay is a special individual who has the ability to help a stone jump of a cliff if it felt it was necessary in moving forward. Lindsay is a teacher, helper, coach, inspirational, motivator, positive and an abundances thinker!

Every time we have a coaching session I feel that I have moved forward in my life spiritually, financially and most importantly, educationally. The only things that would stop me having a coaching session with Lindsay would be helping someone and family. I have made my current employer aware that if I cannot make a coaching session with Lindsay then they should deduct a day of my holiday allowance so that I am still able to attend.

If you cannot learn from Lindsay then you cannot learn from anybody.

Monica Kubis

Monika Kubis
Monika KubisProperty Investor
Monika works three jobs and got in touch with Lindsay in January 2010 for some help in organising her busy life and some guidance in realising her dreams.

Eighteen months down the line, Monika and her partner have bought two properties and she has set up her own property management company. Despite all this success, Monika says this is “just the beginning.”

She summed up her time working with Lindsay with this quote: “Dreams are only dreams until you write them down. Then they become your goals.”

He speeds up the goal achieving procedure and, even more important, he wants to help. He seems to get a kick out of helping people

- Monica Kubis
I needed somebody who would help me to organise and focus my life. I wanted many things but didn’t really know where to start. I wanted to find somebody who will help me define and realise my dreams.
One of the first things Lindsay helps you to do is to find out where you are in the different parts of your life (Financial & Wealth, Physical & Health, Spiritual & Emotional etc.).

After you discover yourself, you can start formalising your goals. Lindsay helped me to change my dreams into goals. He made me think about them and write them down!

He uses many ways to stay focused: pictures, affirmations, stepping stones, self-assessments etc.

I really like it that Lindsay makes you accountable to what you said you want to achieve in a certain time and just love that he stresses the power of celebration when you achieve something.

My partner and I bought two properties, started a company that manages properties, created different systems for different procedures and we know that this is only the beginning.

Lindsay helped me to organise my time so I don’t waste it anymore and use it as efficient as possible – not forgetting to relax and treat myself.

I struggled a lot because of lack of confidence and thanks to Lindsay’s coaching I was even able to speak to a group of strangers at a property workshop.

I believe it is because of Lindsay’s personality. He makes everybody feel important. He listens and tries to understand before he gives any advice at all.

Lindsay loves it to share his knowledge with others and he lives and preaches the: “give and you shall receive” principle that is very important to me.

He speeds up the goal achieving procedure and, even more important, he wants to help. He seems to get a kick out of helping people. What more could you ask for?

Diane Goulding

Diane Goulding
Diane GouldingBusiness Owner & Property Developer
Diane sought Lindsay’s help in 2009 when she felt she had reached a plateau and needed guidance on how to move forward.

Since working with Lindsay, Diane is putting plans to build up her property portfolio into practice while enjoying a 26% increase in her business this year to date.

Lindsay walks the talk. He is hugely successful in his own right and coaches from personal success not text book learning

- Diane Goulding
For me discussing all aspects of my life made me aware of how unbalanced my life was. Working on my key values helped me address this and set in place goals to achieve balance. We ensured the goals were specific with a plan of action and I am now enjoying working towards their achievement.
Since working with Lindsay my confidence levels have increased dramatically and I have done a lot of public speaking regarding my business. Also many of the techniques Lindsay has taught me I have been able to use with my team with great results.

I am now more confident about building my own property portfolio, I have my battle plan and have begun associating with many successful investors. I am enjoying fantastic results for a retail business!

Because it was honest, taking in all aspects of my life to ensure I could then focus on the goals which were most important to me. It was done in a manner that suited my personality style, yet made me stretch out of my comfort zone on every coaching session.
It is well documented that those who seek ongoing coaching are more likely to succeed than those who go it alone and Lindsay is truly there to help you achieve your dreams. Success follows success. Lindsay walks the talk. He is hugely successful in his own right and coaches from personal success not text book learning.