Professional Life & Performance Coaching

Lindsay Hopkins is a hugely successful life coach and mentor. He began Future Performance Coaching in 2007 for the purpose of working with individuals to enhance their performance and pace of progress in property, business and personal development. To date, he has privately coached in excess of 300 people in these areas and his own success and achievements are testament to the abundance of knowledge, experience and self-belief he possesses.

I am 100% committed to empowering other people to succeed in whatever they aspire to achieve

- Lindsay Hopkins

What Clients Say

Lindsay is a special individual who has the ability to help a stone jump of a cliff if it felt it was necessary in moving forward. Lindsay is a teacher, helper, coach, inspirational, motivator, positive and an abundances thinker! Every time we have a coaching session I feel that I have moved forward in my life spiritually, financially and most importantly, educationally. If you cannot learn from Lindsay then you cannot learn from anybody.
Vincent Pretorius, Chef & Property Investor
It is well documented that those who seek ongoing coaching are more likely to succeed than those who go it alone and Lindsay is truly there to help you achieve your dreams. Success follows success. Lindsay walks the talk. He is hugely successful in his own right and coaches from personal success not text book learning.
Diane Goulding, Business Owner
Lindsay makes everybody feel important. He listens and tries to understand before he gives any advice at all. Lindsay loves it to share his knowledge with others and he lives and preaches the: “give and you shall receive” principle that is very important to me.  He speeds up the goal-achieving procedure and, even more important, he wants to help. He seems to get a kick out of helping people. What more could you ask for?
Monika Kubis, Property Investor